Smart Card Chip Solutions Provider

Aided by the dependability of smart chip technology, the processing of your identification, authentication, and storage applications has never been easier! We are the leading Chinese provider of smart card chip solutions for both contact and contactless smart cards. Used increasingly for secure transactions and personal information protection, our range of SIM card chip, credit card chip, RFID chip, etc. has been extensively utilized in fields such as identity, transport, payment, social security, RFID tag, etc. Back by a strong research and development team, we are able to deliver outstanding quality smart card chips, solutions and customer services. We welcome worldwide smart card manufacturers and smart chip distributors to work with us.

  • Brand Strength
  • CEC HED possesses the World’s most advanced technology.
    The mature and stable SoC platform covers 8/16/32 bit of CPU, 7816/14443/USB/SPI/SWP communication interfaces, RSA/DES/AES/SHA-1/ security algorithms, EEPROM/EFLASH memories, analog circuits for power management/clock management/power consumption management/security management/ESD protection, and reliable SoC integration design technology;
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